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Sex Sells… or does it?

From Zindra to the Teen Grid merger, the evolution of Second Life continues. The new Marketplace has taken a number of steps to insure adult content can only be displayed to age verified accounts – as it should be.

Linden Labs has performed a number of upgrades to the “enable mature content” option and in its current form users no longer have to enable the option at each login. If the age-verified user has also enabled the remember login feature, for all intensive purposes it’s business as usual for adult content creators.

There are however, Marketplace visitors who do not use the remember feature or log in until they are ready to make a purchase. If you only sell adult products, your Marketplace store is (for all intensive purposes) off their radar.

To insure your Marketplace Store is never invisible to shoppers there are two steps you can take to keep you “on the grid” and in popular search results: Continue reading


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