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Defining your target audience in Second Life.

In the virtual world of Second Life the key to building a successful brand strategy differs very little from that in the real world.   Traditional marketing basics can be applied to the most complex social media campaigns, or simply used to help with a basic logo design for your products.

In a word, marketing is sales. For the budding creator of virtual products in Second Life, the savory path to profitable sales begins with two simple questions:

Who is my audience?

How do I make them aware of my products?

In many ways, the global economy that exists in Second Life is more complex than real world markets. Language barriers, ethnicity, lifestyle, age and even species demographics can create complex market segments and seemingly endless layers of these virtual niche markets.

Without a doubt, the road to good marketing is paved with great questions and a willingness to listen to what the market is telling you. Good marketers listen through statistics, trends and research. Taking time to read the profiles of recent customers can reveal trends in common interests, favorite locations and group affiliations – a combination of data that would make real world retailers salivate. Continue reading


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